The Second Decade

Time is elastic. A decade implies the gravitas of time, and yet 10 short years ago, in October 2001, when Michael Kolowich founded DigiNovations in Concord, Massachusetts, we knew that…

The digital video revolution had begun. DV tape was 4 years old, as a result, non-linear editing had finally matured. Clients were supremely impressed when you showed them your 4 gigabyte drive. Terabyte? Shared storage? A Cloud?? Not even on the horizon…

VHS tape, while waning, in no way had given way to DVDs. 50% of US companies in the US had a website, a minority of that population included video. 32% of the population owned cellphones, but what were smart phones??

Do you remember those highly compressed postage stamps, grainy web film clips 180×120 pixels – in the old 4:3 frame format?? 30 seconds segments that took forever to load before playing back from your dial-up connection.

Ten years ago – from the start – DigiNovations was a leader in digital and web video production. Ten years later, in a world that is, essentially, tapeless, with disc media itself in decline and HD footage that may be streamed over the web to your smart phone or tablet, DigiNovations remains at the forefront. With its sister company, Knowledgevision, DigiNovations is at the vanguard of what we now know as video content marketing. 10 years ago, film was for VCRs. Productions were long form. A video presentation was the metaphorical bottle of champagne that launched a marketing campaign. Today, videos are integral elements these campaigns spun out to a multitude of formats.

Our current clients now realize that the question is no longer whether you need a video, but rather how many films – and how each of them, professionally produced or DIY/viral, will strategically build for you, one atop the other, a connection with your target audience.

As DigiNovations reviews and assesses its work over the past ten years, we hear more clearly than ever what our clients have informed us over the past decade. The value and appreciation of our services is not simply as producers of outstanding video content, but also as strategists and partners in the marketing of their companies and services.

In the spirit of responding formally to our clients and the world at large, this first blogpost of our newly designed website, re-affirms our commitment to explore and share with you great video content as well as the thinking of individuals who are experts in “what is” and “what is to come” in video content marketing.

Over the course of the next 12 months, may we help to illuminate all the great possibilities and options that await you in the field of video production and content marketing for you and your company in 2012 and beyond.


Whit Wales
Executive Producer