The Thing About Text…

Have you noticed that animated text is hot?

We tire of talking heads – it requires eye contact. As a viewer, it takes energy to assess the authenticity of the presenter. If the presenter is uncomfortable; it makes us uncomfortable. And, if we don’t connect with that face and voice, we go elsewhere.

Animated text supplemented by an energized and sophisticated hip-voice – that seems to be where it’s at.

We’re not looking for “truth” – nothing so heavy. What’s wanted is something light, nimble, clever and engaging.

Interestingly, the story in a 30 second clip often becomes about the playful relationship between the visual text and the spoken script. Through the narration as the words and letters move through the frame, the words themselves become anthropomorphized – they take on a character and spirit of their own. The written word interacts with the spoken word to create a sum greater than the combination.

Here is a spirited engagement between the two forms that DigiNovations created for Cognizant. It represents one in a series of videos that will constitute a video campaign we are creating on their behalf.

Congrats to Mont Fennel, producer; and Paul Stephens, senior editor, for their collaboration on this project.