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Using Music To Set The Tone in Your Video

Posted by Tim Cook

When planning your next video production, don't underestimate the power of your music decisions.  The choices you and your Producer make will keep your video moving and entertaining, and set the overall tone and mood of the piece.
video music
An upbeat fast-paced, fully orchestrated soundtrack will project positive energy to the viewer, whereas a slower, single instrument recording may impart thoughtfulness or sympathy.
 Consider this short film featuring a wrapup of Graduation Day at The Middlesex School.  Producer Whit Wales chose a piano soundtrack (emphasizing thought, message, and listening) which leads to a more orchestrated build of instruments and intensity (leading the viewer to a positive, enthusiastic outlook for the graduates). 
The newer production trends seem to be staying away from electronic music and really getting back to basic human instrumentation - acoustic guitars, piano, strings, even harps if appropriate to the film.  But as every video has a different goal and audience, it may also have a different soundtrack direction that is the perfect compliment for reaching out and engaging an audience.  This video for Cognizant offers a completely different music choice, which is great for modern, digital content messaging:
At DigiNovations, we offer our clients a library of legal-use music (more on the legal aspects later) with over 170,000 tracks to choose from - and yes, we help them narrow it down.  With that much depth to a collection, there is without question a perfect music track for your next video.  

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