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Product Review Of The New AutoCue Video Teleprompter System

Posted by Shawn Whitaker

A review by DigiNovations' own Shawn Whitaker.

With President’s week here in Massachusetts, lots of people are test driving new vehicles.  

While I wasn’t among them, I did however have a chance to test out our new Autocue teleprompter package.  And let me tell you, I was very happy we made the investment.

Our older prompter package was a handy piece of equipment, but it was merely built on a 7” LCD screen. Therefore, it presented us with some serious limitations in terms of camera placement.   With a screen that small, we often had to keep the camera and prompter only a few feet away from the subject. Clearly not always the best setup.  But, we somehow always found a way to make it work.  

With more of our clients seeing the value of having a prompter on setup-particularly when using employees as talent……we knew it was time to upgrade.

And with the new 17” Autocue, boy did we ever.  

 prompter shawn

Yesterday we got the chance to take it out into the field.  The entire unit breaks down to fit into the case(which is custom molded from Autocue)(awesome!)-  yet it was a breeze to setup and customize to fit our camera/lens package.   


We were able to place the camera precisely where we needed for the ideal shot, and the larger prompter screen allowed our talent to read the copy with ease.

describe the image

What really impressed me was the Software that is paired with this unit.  I was able to quickly load the revised script, make some client requested adjustments and we were ready to roll in a flash.  Furthermore, I was able to bold, highlight, and underline some key words and phrases to help the talent emphasize some key points.  And I could put makers inside the script file to allow me to quickly jump to a particular point(say a section we wanted to go back and reshoot).

And last but not least, the USB shuttle controller allowed me to scroll the text at a perfect pace the whole way through.

Often times it takes a little time for actors (professional and non) to get used to reading the prompter - and it takes us time to get accustomed to scrolling the speed to their reading pace…..but with this new setup, I was able to do a straight run through at a perfectly matched pace - right out of the gate.

Breakdown and the conclusion was a snap, and we were on our way to the next shoot location ahead of schedule.

We're looking forward  to bringing this out to clients who have experienced our old setup - to see their reaction to this awesome new Autocue package.

If you have a scripted video project coming up, give us a call and we’d be happy to let our prompter be a part of your filming day experience. 

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