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Case Study: DigiNovations Provides 4-Camera Streaming Video for Groton School’s Graduation

Posted by Tim Cook


(Image courtesy Lowell Sun)


For the second year in a row, DigiNovations was chosen to provide streaming video coverage for the Groton School and their “Prize Day” graduation ceremony.

The event took place Sunday May 31, 2015, but months of planning led up to the big day.



Groton’s commencement ceremony is a challenge because it’s held outdoors, under a massive tent.  Everything from weather to lighting conditions to audio feeds to electric current needs to be addressed and prepared for. We supplied 4 HD cameras and graphics support, all switched to a smooth finished show, to create the final webcast.


Technical Director Chris Mackos pulled it all together, consulting with Groton on everything from cable runs within the tent and evaluating a reliable internet connection, to finding the ideal playback engine for streaming to all formats and viewing devices.



Chris O’Hare (Director, Switcher Console Operator) and Diginovations' own Chris Mackos (Tech Director, Camera Operator), Ben Donahue (Production Assistant, Camera Operator).

DigiNovations was also able to provide the school with the viewing analytics; Over 900 viewers, including over 150 international sign-in’s, from countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America.

The DigiNovations Black Magic switcher package is available for all types of events including corporate meetings and presentations. We can supply a finished recording in addition to the live video stream.

What Can Streaming Do For Me?

Streaming online is becoming more common for graduation ceremonies, town meetings, special events or guest speakers at schools and businesses alike.



It opens the possibility for a significant number of people that otherwise could not attend an event to virtually participate in the experience you've worked to prepare. Even more so, you're capable of inviting anyone all over the globe with access to a computer or mobile device and allow you to further establish your online presence, pulling more traffic and attention to your website and services.


For more information, contact us. We'd love to chat about your video streaming needs.