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DigiNovations Now Has THREE FAA-Certified Drone Pilots on Staff

Posted by Catie Foertsch


We’re enormously proud to announce that DigiNovations now has THREE FAA-certified drone pilots on staff. Left to right: Mike Murray, Chris Mackos, and Michael Kolowich.

Note: Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration is required to fly drones commercially – including drones for video footage.

Michael Kolowich (DigiNovations’ founder) was already a licensed commercial pilot (that’s his aircraft in the above photo). Chris and Mike took a course to learn the FAA’s Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations, also known as Part 107, along with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certification Standards. Michael, Chris and Mike all passed the FAA’s test to earn their Remote Pilot Certificates.

Why do drone pilots need certification?

First of all, because without certification, it’s illegal to fly drones commercially. For a video production company to offer drone video to their clients, certification is required.

Flying drones is also more complicated than you might think. Because they are unmanned aircraft, FAA regulations apply. Drone pilots must know how to:

  • Read weather patterns
  • Determine different airspace classifications
  • Read sectional maps
  • Determine temporary airspace restrictions
  • Obtain authorization to fly in airspace other than Class G
  • Use team members to increase safety
  • Research NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) regarding potential hazards along their flight routes
  • File NOTAMs to alert other pilots of our drone activity
  • File flight plans
  • Maintain flight logs and equipment documents

In addition, DigiNovations maintains liability insurance specifically related to flights of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems, or drones), which is vital for the protection of our production clients.

Why drone video?

Inspire-Drone-for-Drone-Video.jpgThere's a big creative payoff to including drone shots in your next video. A drone can give you big video shots that capture the grandeur of an outdoor location. But there’s so much a drone can do besides big aerial shots – it can climb up buildings, give a Glidecam-like following or leading shot, provide a hovering shot – just about any aerial shot you see in Hollywood movies, a drone can do.

To see some of these shots, take a look at our drone video reel.


Image: One of DigiNovation's Inspire drones, with a 4k video camera




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