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Learn from the Cheese Parade: Don't Screw Up Your Event Video

Posted by Justin Braase

Event video at the Concord Cheese Parade.jpg

More and more companies and nonprofits are creating event videos - at everything from  annual corporate bashes to cheese parades. Yes, cheese parades!   You can learn a lot from this cheese parade video - including the one element your event video MUST have to be successful.

What Makes a Compelling Event Video?

Event videos, done right, allow you to magnify the impact of your event. They can be vibrant, valuable post-event marketing tools. Or they can perform poorly. How can you make sure they do the job you want them to do?

Let's first look at events themselves. While there are many reasons to hold events, there's only one strategy:  Get lots of people to come and make sure they have a good time.

This is the event planner's cardinal rule. It doesn't matter how interesting your demo is, how fascinating your product is, how incredible  your speaker is. If lots of people don't come, or if they don't have a good time, your event is a failure.

Because it's all about the people.

The same is true for your event video. Yes, the demo is great. In this case, the giant wheel of cheese is fabulous. But people don't want to just see cheese. They want to see themselves.

Take a look at the Cheese Parade video and notice how many people are shown, and how many are heard from:


Now, do you really believe that the center of this parade was a massive wheel of Italian Crucolo? Or do you believe that at its heart, this parade was a way of bringing together a community to celebrate a common fondness for cheese?

Sure, we could have focused on the spectacle of a 400 pound wheel of cheese, but much more interesting are the faces and the interactions and the comments of the people celebrating the occasion! 

What Do We See In This Video?

What kind of interactions did we see throughout this example and what does it say about the connection the event has with the audience?

We saw crowds! Crowds are always a spectacle and prove to your audience that the event was truly captivating! In the video above, you could see just how well a local cheese shop was able to grab the attention of a whole town. 

We saw street interviews! What better way is there to see the impact a parade has on its audience than to ask them directly? One gentleman even stated he had arranged a personal day a month ahead of time to attend the event. Interviews such as that give your audience a sense of how your business impacts the people around it. 

We saw people making memories! This is the heart of your video. People smiling with one another, laughing with one another,  sharing videos and taking photos.

The cheese parade video is an extension of the main event. It documents the parade - AND it tells the story of how the cheese shop interacts with the people it serves.

How Can Your Event Video Help You?

Share it with your online community! Showcasing these videos online across your social media channels not only heightens the value of your brand - it also helps you reach a broader audience, because those who appear in the video will share with their friends and family, thus spreading the word about your event, your business and your message.

You can also use your event video to promote future events. As you begin planning next year's event, using your event video will allow people to experience the fun of your event, just as the Cheese Parade has done every year. You don't think all those people just happened to wander by, do you?

More Examples!

We created this video for the New England Dairy Promotion Board, at their Fuel Up to Play 60 event at Lowell High School. As you can see, the event featured Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots, along with students, teachers and dairy farmers. The event video shows faces - lots and lots of faces. It's fast, energetic, and fun.


We created this video for TDBank's Bring Change events.  The entire video showcases people, their deeds, and the reactions of others. People drive and motivate the story through the creative use of interviews. 

You can also create a very special kind of event video called a Same-Day-Edit video, which involves creating an awesome event video that you can play on the big screen at your event, on the very same day.



You've worked hard to put together your event. And you've worked hard to get lots of people to come, and to make sure they have a good time. Creating an event video allows your event to live on long after the live event is over.

  • Focus on the people who attend, not the product or demo
  • Show those people having a great time
  • Show lots and lots of faces
  • Use live interviews to showcase what they're thinking and feeling


And last but not least, always remain open to the incredible lessons you can learn through the wonders of cheese..,




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