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How to Pick the Right Video Production Company [Free Ebook]

Posted by Catie Foertsch


If you're looking to hire a video production company in Boston or anywhere else, you need to find the right vendor – one that’s helpful and easy to work with, and that has the technical expertise you're looking for. But video production is complicated – and you're a marketer, not a video production expert. How do you find the right vendor?

Without a good process, it’s easy to make assumptions about technical abilities, creative talent, and professionalism. Those assumptions can backfire, leaving you with a vendor that’s difficult to work with. Worse, you can wind up with video that doesn’t meet your quality standards.

You need a process that helps you find candidates and evaluate them based on relevant criteria, so you can eliminate poor candidates quickly, interview excellent candidates, and then hire the right candidate.

 Our new guide - How to Pick the Right Video Production Company - gives you that clear, simple evaluation process.  It’s an easy-to-follow roadmap for success.

Download our new, step-by-step guide here, for free.

Our guide includes insider tips, insights, and pertinent questions to ask. You'll have everything you need to understand the differences between companies, and to pick the perfect video production partner.

This guide will show you:
  • How to find candidate companies
  • How to qualify - or disqualify - candidates before contacting them
  • How to interview qualified candidates
  • When to ask for proposals - or not
  • How to review proposals
  • What to do if your budget and doesn't match your proposals
  • How to engage the right candidate

Following this guide will help you find and hire the perfect video production company for your video project.



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