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Nonprofit Video: Can Your Heart Get Any Warmer?

Posted by Catie Foertsch


Sometimes you come across people who change the world in a big headlines kind of way. And then sometimes you meet people who are changing the world much more quietly. That’s Barb and Ira Smith. Their story will show you how to create powerful nonprofit videos that motivate donors and benefactors.

 Take a look at the video we created for Household Goods. It's about founders Barb and Ira Smith, two quiet people whose story will be the high point of your day:


What is special about Barb and Ira?

It's obvious. They've devoted their lives to helping take care of others - which is the same mission every other nonprofit has.

Household Goods has grown over its 25-year existence not just because Barb and Ira stepped up and filled a need.  The organization has also succeeded because it's been able to  tell the story of what it does and why that’s important to the donors and volunteers who have fueled its growth, and to its wider community.

Video is the perfect medium to tell that story - and every other nonprofit's story. Why? Because video can capture emotional content, and create an emotional response, the way no other medium can.

That’s the power of video - it communicates a story and makes us feel.

As nonprofits know very well, if people don’t feel, they don’t engage. People are engaging with Household Goods, and we're proud that our work facilitates that effort.


How can your nonprofit create powerful, motivating videos?

It all comes down to story. Your goal is not to ask for money - everyone who sees your videos knows that's what you need. Rather, your goal is to tell an emotionally powerful story that engages people and makes them care about the work you do.

People give to nonprofits for many reasons, including:

- Participate in something worthwhile
- Align with something positive
- Support shared beliefs, values, priorities
- Give back 

Your goal, then, is to motivate your donors by providing them with those reasons - via an emotional story. 

Because emotion plus motivation equals donations.

 Household Goods is a greater Boston nonprofit that collects donations of household goods, and distributes them to those in need, including 

  • victims of fires or floods
  • women and children escaping abusive domestic situations
  • people coming out of shelters or halfway houses
  • war veterans
  • refugees and recent immigrants to the U.S.

Take a look at more of our nonprofit video work to find more inspiration for your nonprofit video storytelling. 




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