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The Must-Have Video for Your Corporate Event (and it’s not what you think)

Posted by Catie Foertsch


You’ve got your big corporate event coming up, and if you’re considering video, it’s probably of the speakers - so you can use snippets in content marketing. But what about the one video element that can take your event from wonderful to amazingly, memorably cool?

That element is a same-day-edit video, and we've got a great example.

A same-day-edit video is all about capturing the face of everyone who attends your event, along with the work they’re doing and the fun they’re having.

It’s a love letter to your employees and attendees. It’s chock-full of the fun your people are having, and there’s no one on the planet who doesn’t like to see herself or himself having fun.

To get a feel for the fun and excitement you’ll capture with your same-day-edit, take a look at this one. We created it for Traveling Vineyard at their annual multi-day, learning-and-fun Harvest event.



Just like the name says, a same-day-edit video is filmed during the day (or days), and edited the day of your big banquet. Then, that evening, as people enjoy their dinner, you show the video of them and all the fun they’ve had during the event. Post-event, the video lives on your website.

In case you’re unconvinced, here are three reasons to create a same-day-edit video at your next event.

1. A same-day-edit video shows your employees you really care about each one of them, not just the superstars

You want your event to be incredible, because you owe it to your employees. They work hard and deserve a good time at an outstanding event. 

But so often, the people who attend corporate events fall into two groups – the superstars, who get the awards and give the speeches, and the rest, who get to be the audience.

You know very well that without the support and hard work of all those people in the audience, your superstars wouldn’t be able to deliver.

 Everyone in your company is important, not just the superstars.

 A same-day-edit video gives you an opportunity to thank not just the superstars, but also everyone else on your team. Because everyone gets equal time, and everyone is presented in the same way. There is no differentiating the superstars from everyone else. Take the Traveling Vineyard video: it shows everyone, and you can’t tell who the superstars are.

 Because the message of a same-day-edit is "You are all superstars, and you are all valued."

2. A same-day-edit video ramps up the energy for the awards presentation

By the time people start assembling for your banquet, they’ve been having fun all day, or for a couple days. They’re tired. Their energy level can be low.

But you’ve got the awards presentation after dinner, and presenting awards to your superstars while the audience claps politely, without much energy, isn’t what you need.

Your same-day-edit video will re-energize everyone in the audience. By the time it’s over, people will be laughing, clapping – and ready for the awards.

3. A same-day-edit video will get people excited about attending next year’s event

Once your event is over, you’ll put your same-day-edit video on your website and promote it company-wide, so everyone who didn’t come to your event will see what they missed. Gosh, people will say, I didn’t realize the annual event is that much fun.

Everyone who did attend will be able to revisit the blast they had, and to see themselves on the golf course, on the dance floor, in the hallway during registration. And to tell Carla in HR that her costume was the best, and to rib Bob in Tech Support about his wild and crazy dance moves.

Your video provides an opportunity to extend the event beyond the actual event.

4. A same-day-edit video will provide you with additional video content

You know video is an important component of your content marketing – whether it’s video for social media, for email marketing, for YouTube. The question is how do you create video content cost-effectively?

One answer is to multi-purpose raw video. While your video crew will create your same-day-edit, they’ll have enough raw video to also create a social media video – or a series of social media videos.

Because they’ll already be onsite, you can have them film other parts of your event – the keynote, some break-out sessions, etc. Then you can use this material to create even more video content.

This is what Traveling Vineyard did. The same day edit was only part of the deliverables – we also filmed interviews and conference sessions, and a year after the event we’re still creating video content for them – all from one single event.


When you’re planning next year’s corporate event, don’t forget to consider a same-day-edit video.

As Rick Libby, Chief Grapestomper and Head Cheerleader at Traveling Vineyard told us:

“The video is awesome. We just love it. And we’re so glad we decided to do it.”




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