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The Inside Secret: How Marketers are Saving Money on Video Content

Posted by Catie Foertsch


You’re a marketer, and you’re under pressure to create lots more video content – without an increase in your marketing budget. How do you do it? Simple: look at what other marketers have figured out. Here’s a client case study that will give you loads of ideas about all the video content you can make without busting your budget.

Meet Demandware.

They’re a giant in the world of online retail platforms. And they have an amazingly awesome marketing team that understands the value of video content for SEO, preferenced positions on social media, and viewer engagement and retention. Like most marketing teams, this one is being asked to create more video content within their budget. 

So how did they procure 23 high-quality videos for content marketing on social media, in email and on their website, plus b-roll for future use in blog pieces and internally edited videos, in just one and a half days of filming? And for a total cost that was far, far below what it would have been for traditional one-off video projects?

Two words: planning and teamwork.

Here’s the centerpiece of the video collection we created for this Demandware project. It’s a compilation of predictions for the retail space in 2016. To create it we filmed several short, punchy interviews in one location, then edited with titles and animated lower thirds. Voila!



Because we were already filming several people for the predictions video, we asked each one to give a short statement about themselves. The marketing team also scheduled several other people for quick filming sessions, to give their own bio statement. We filmed and edited 15 bios.

During the same sessions, we also filmed Demandware’s Head of Consumer Insights giving short (30 – 60 sec) statements about the state of the retail space. Adding music and onscreen graphics resulted in three quick, engaging video content pieces, including this one:


We also filmed a few more short content pieces for miscellaneous applications.

All told, we delivered 23 videos.

We also sent Demandware raw b-roll footage of their headquarters. And finally, like a cherry on top of a sundae, we delivered one GIF animation.

In order to accomplish all this, organization and a spirit of working together were critical. Our producer worked closely with the Demandware team to make sure the schedule was tight yet doable, everyone knew what they were going to say and had practiced, and the location provided four different filming options so all videos didn’t look exactly the same.

During the shoot, everyone showed up with professionalism and good humor, and gave their best.

Facing the camera and remembering your line isn't always easy, especially if you're unprepared or impatient. The Demandware team was neither. They were rock stars, and their positive attitude made what could have been grueling shoot days so much easier.

In post-production, Demandware’s team was stellar.

They got us the assets we needed quickly (like logo and style guide), were prompt with feedback, compiled their feedback so we weren’t receiving change requests from multiple decision-makers, and didn’t micro-manage (which can increase cost and really slow down delivery). Because we worked together as a team, the production and post-production processes flowed smoothly, happened relatively quickly, and resulted in a basketful of video content pieces for Demandware to use for months to come.

Welcome to the new world of video marketing.

Ready or not, you’re going to have to get used to it. Marketers are facing pressure to increase the number of video content pieces they produce, without an increase in their marketing budget. That’s the new reality.

But don’t get depressed. Take heart! It’s completely doable - just ask Demandware.



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