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Video Can Be As Simple As This

Posted by Whit Wales


Few people are as articulate and passionate about helping private schools and universities to to discover and/or refine their identity as our good friend, Stephen Keating, of Keating and Associates with whose educational consulting firm we have collaborated many times.

Part of what makes the experience of working with Steve so satisfying is that he understands and appreciates the impact that the process of defining brand identity can have on an organization internally as well as externally.

His approach is both analytic, organic and positive. Rather than imposing a vision or recreating the wheel, Steve immediately perceives the good within an institution and seeks to build upon and unify those elements to create a cohesive approach and comprehensive plan that at once possesses depth, clarity and nuance.

For us, the prepossession, fervor and generous creative nature of Steve’s organization is what makes his company - for us - an ideal partner.

On the Keating and Associates site, there is no shortage of visual collateral. The company produces viewbooks, catalogs, programs, school websites, posters and promotional materials - along with videos, broadcast media for radio, PSAs for TV.

Steve wanted to add something personal, direct and spontaneous to the site to help the viewer have better understanding of the quality of engagement one might expect at Keating and Associates.

 This is what we came up with:


Steve speaks directly to the viewer. No flashy animation, no soundtrack, supporting graphics, no “B-roll” of on-campus activities.  Just a genuine, organic, direct, statement of purpose stylistically aligned with the goals of the film.

 Here at DigiNovations just outside of Boston, we strive to produce top-level media – videography, film, photography and more – every day. And we find success in helping our clients communicate their visual message.  But, it would be also fair to say that sometimes - simple and direct is the way to go.  It’s certainly an option.

What works best for you and your brand?


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