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Video Marketing Link Roundup: Social Media Video, Video Content Plan, YouTube Cards and More

Posted by Catie Foertsch


We’ve scoured the web to find articles relevant to the whole gamut of video content creation and video marketing – from inspiration to planning, from creation to performance. Here are six awesome articles to assist you in understanding and implementing a whole range of best practices to enhance the performance of your video content.

7 Specific Actions that will Maximize Video SEO Performance

Video_SEO.jpgYou already know you need to optimize your videos for SEO - but how, exactly, do you do that? Here are seven specific actions you should be taking with all your videos - to maximize your videos' SEO performance. 

How to Tailor Your Video Content for Each Social Media Platform

Tailor-your-video-content.jpgYou can’t use the same video for all your social media networks, because each platform’s requirements are different, and viewers’ expectations and behavior are different. Here’s good information from the blog for taking that one video and creating different versions that will perform across all your platforms. [One correction: Instagram now allows a maximum of 60 seconds per video.]


Video Content Plan from Green Buzz

Hub-Hero-help-video-content-plan.jpgYou know video is a critical part of your content marketing. And we hope you know that creating videos as inspiration strikes is a terribly inefficient and expensive way to create video content. You need a video content plan - and Green Buzz has taken Google’s Hub Hero Help Content Plan and adapted it specifically for video. This is a well-written article - with examples - that makes creating an effective video content plan easy.


Buzzfeed Video Titles Deep Dive from Tubular Insights

video-titles-deep-dive.jpgThe right title for your Facebook and YouTube videos helps influence whether people actually watch them. Tubular Insights presents a dive into the data that will change how you look at the task of coming up with the right title.



How to Use YouTube’s Cards 

 YouTube-Video-Cards.jpgA short tutorial video straignt from YouTube to get you started using Cards with your YouTube videos. Cards give marketers another way to interact with viewers – with Cards you can add poll questions, promote another video, solicit a donation, add a link, and more. Plus, Cards can be seen on computers and mobile devices.


 5 Ways to Enhance Your YouTube Videos

Enhance-YouTube-videos.jpgAre you using all of YouTube’s features to make your videos as easy to find and as engaging as possible? Social Media Examiner gives 5 enhancements that will boost performance. You’re probably using some of them already, but probably not all. Maybe you should be.


 12 Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns You'll Actually Enjoy Watching

12-Video-marketing-campaigns.jpgNeed some creative inspiration? This collection of twelve incredibly popular and fun marketing videos, curated by the venerable Hubspot, will get your creative juices flowing. From Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” to GoPro’s “Fireman Saves Kitten” to the hilarious Purina video “Puppyhood,” you’ll find starting points for all your video brainstorming needs.  


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