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Video Marketing Link Roundup 2: Metrics, Trends, A/B Testing, Live Video and More

Posted by Catie Foertsch


Video marketing keeps on getting more complicated, doesn’t it? No worries – we’ve rounded up great articles to keep you informed in areas that matter – like social media metrics, live video on Facebook and Instagram, using music in your videos, and much more.


15 Social Video Metrics that Really Matter

Social-Video-Metrics.jpgMarketers need to measure the performance of their video content – and that includes social media video. Why? So they can improve performance and increase ROI. But there are so many metrics out there that it can be hard to know which ones are meaningful.

Hootsuite's article gives a very good overview of the metrics available, along with what each measures – and why each one matters.


Top 10 Video Production Trends for 2017: What Marketers Need to Know 

Top-Video-Production-Trends-2017.jpgMarketers know video content is a critical tool for connecting and converting. But video production is a lot more complicated than creating other types of content – and the technology keeps evolving. How are you supposed to keep up?

Not to worry! Here are 2017’s video production trends from the perspective of what marketers need to know. So less emphasis on cool new gear (unless it’s directly relevant to your needs) and more emphasis on the what, why, and how of producing video content that performs.


 A/B Testing for Videos

AB-Video-Testing.jpgMarketers know that A/B testing can lead to improved performance, and so A/B testing for landing pages and CTA buttons has become standard practice. But what about video? This article gives ideas on how to start A/B testing for your video content.

Why would you want to do that? Well, so you can determine what works well for your audience, and start doing more of it.


Facebook on the Importance of Facebook Live 

Facebook-Live-video_2.jpgThis post from Facebook’s Newsroom is important for marketers, because in it Facebook announces that Facebook Live videos are so popular that Facebook now considers Live videos as a new type of content. Because of it's popularity, Facebook is now ranking Live videos higher than regular video content in viewers’ news feeds.

If you’re creating video for Facebook, shouldn’t you be looking at doing some experimenting with Facebook Live?


How Brands Are Using Live Streaming Video

Brands-using-live-streaming-video.jpgThe popularity of live streaming video just keeps increasing, and marketers should be looking at how to integrate live into their video budgets and content plans. But – how do you do that?

I’m a firm believer in never reinventing the wheel because it’s a total waste of time. This article gives a look at different ways brands are using live streaming video, from events to interviews to special announcements and more. Plus, there are guidelines for getting results from your live video. You'll find plenty of ideas for how you can start to use live streaming video.


Live Streaming Video on Instagram

Live-Streaming-on-Instagram.jpgIf Facebook is promoting live video as a new content type, shouldn’t other social media platforms start offering live video too? Yes they should - and they do. YouTube has had live capabilities for a while, and now Instagram is rolling out live video streaming, on IOS and Android.

Instagram’s newest feature is different from Facebook and YouTube, though, because as soon as your live stream has ended, your video disappears. It isn’t archived for later use. Instead, it disappears for good. 


Study Shows Closed Captions are Important

Study-shows-closed-captions-are-important.jpgMore than 2,000 students from 15 private and public colleges and universities participated in this study, which yielded some interesting results that are highly relevant for marketers. The study is gated, but if you don’t want to submit your info, you can scroll down for highlights that reveal just how important captioning is for students. Turns out it’s very important.

So why should marketers care? Because in many ways students represent the rest of us. They are people who access content and are trying to absorb that content. When 98.6% of students say they find captions helpful, that’s a good indication that captions are helpful for the rest of us too.  


Using copyrighted music in your video

 Copyrighted-music-in-videos.jpgThere’s a lot of confusion about what copyright means when it comes to music – especially music used in videos. This article gives a good overview of the whole topic, including when it’s OK to use copyrighted music in your video and when it’s not. You’ll also read common myths about copyrighted music and video, and what can happen if you use copyrighted music. 



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