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Do Awards Matter When You’re Looking for Video Production?

Posted by Catie Foertsch


If you’re looking for a video production company in the Boston area or beyond, you’ll come across some (like us) who aren’t shy about the awards they win. And you’ll find others who haven’t won awards. Should you care that your video vendor is ‘award-winning?’ The answer may surprise you.

We think awards are important 

We believe awards provide good information in three areas:

1. Awards recognize excellence

Winning an award means industry experts have judged the work and found it to be superior.

2. Awards can demonstrate excellence over time

Winning awards year over year indicates a culture of consistent excellence, rather than periodic excellence.

3. Awards rank work against competitors

By their nature, awards point out whose work is excellent. Work can be excellent an not submitted for awards, but mediocre work doesn't win awards.

We were founded in 2001, and we have won many, many awards for our videos – 47 Tellys, for example. Every year we submit our best work - because we believe our awards say something our clients want to hear.


Others think awards are important too

 In “The Increasing Importance of Creative Awards”, South African ad agency executive Jarred Cinman notes that creative awards “highlight those that are successfully managing to stand out from the background noise.”

Philip Thomas, Chief Executive of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, believes that because creativity is subjective, awards help clients understand that they’re choosing creative partnerships wisely. “And maybe that’s the main reason that creative awards should matter to agencies; because increasingly they matter to clients, who can see as clear as day that creativity drives their business.”

Across the creative industries, there are many who agree on the value of awards that highlight creativity and excellence.  There’s even a study that appeared in the advertising publication The Long and Short of It that concludes that “campaigns that win awards for creativity are, on average, ten times more effective.” 

But not everybody thinks awards matter 

In a Hubspot blog post called “Are Creative Awards a Waste of Time?” six creative agency executives expressed their thoughts on whether creative awards were important.

Some of the six thought that while awards had some value, they should be a result, not an objective.

Others expressed concern that chasing awards could interfere with work that was relevant to the client.  “If the goal of your department is to win awards, there is potential to start making decisions based on what you believe juries will like, not based on what really needs to be done to accomplish the business objectives,” said Steve Babcock, executive at EVB.

Michael Ruppert, owner of a 12-person creative agency, reports in an article on LinkedIn that his prospective clients don’t care about awards, but instead, want to know about the actual success of Ruppert’s work. “As an owner of a small agency with 12 employees there is only one thing which counts for us: customer satisfaction. Nothing else.”

Should you care if your video production company is “award-winning?”

The answer isn't a simple "yes" or "no." It's both:

  • YES because you're looking for creative and technical excellence, and awards are a good indication that those qualifications have been met
  • NO because you’re also looking for a company that will understand your business objective and propose a relevant solution, and awards don’t give you this information

The best approach is to look at “award-winning” as the beginning of a conversation that will help you decide whether a particular video production company is a good fit for your needs.


You can find some of our award-winning videos in our corporate video portfolio, our academic video portfolio, and our animation portfolio.



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