Senior Video Producer

Full-time position

For the past 16 years, DigiNovations has created award-winning videos for many of New England’s great institutions. The firm is comprised of a crew of 11, including a set of producers, videographers and editors, each of whom is wholeheartedly dedicated to excellence in storytelling and service to Digi’s clients.

The person assuming this role will be experienced in the field and comfortable with all aspects of production. They will possess an awareness of the latest video and photographic technologies. They will demonstrate facility with editing software, including FCP X and BlackMagicDesign Resolve. A passion for filming with DSLR and CinemaCams and/or competency in After Effects is a bonus.

The producer will demonstrate the personal charisma and organizational skills to engage with clients and lead them through pre-production planning. Similarly, the producer will have experience in directing and in guiding production crew and post-production editors/animators through the production and post-production processes.

The producer will demonstrate the foresight and maturity necessary to cultivate long-term relationships with clients.

As one of the leading members of the team, the producer will exhibit the leadership skills that inspire a high level of confidence from his/her peers in the workplace.

Producer will be available for travel from Maine to Florida.

Salary Competitive: Base with client-based incentives.

To apply, please submit resume, website and reel to info@diginovations.com