Academic Video Production

DigiNovations is especially attuned to the needs and nuances of school and university settings.

Our unique and longstanding experience in the academic realm allows us to bring insight and understanding far beyond what any of our competitors offer.


Whether K-8, high school, or college and university level...

...we're incredibly well-positioned to understand the video and media challenges you face - and offer effective solutions. From admissions videos to capital campaign videos, to event coverage and social media content, we show you how to leverage qualities unique to your school and produce award-winning work.


Quote_marks_-min.jpgWorking with DigiNovations has been an exercise in self-reflection that has encouraged Middlesex School to examine the nuances of our program from an experienced outsider's perspective. Whit Wales offers helpful criticism and suggestions that have influenced the direction and choices made in many of our films. A creative genius, we are always astounded with Whit's ability to synthesize hours of tape into short, compelling films that distill the unique messaging of Middlesex. I give DigiNovations our highest recommendation.

Doug Price, Director of Admissions
Middlesex School